Smart Grid Business


Collect all data generated from S-Type (next generation high voltage electronic power meter) to provide metering  information, event information and instantaneous result and to provide network status and modem management information.

System characteristics


Based on data collected from all nodes (meter/modem/customer) installed by main office and branch, provides the status board in a glance for all information such as 5-minute LP metering reception status by main office/branch, monthly metering status, outage and event information, modem communication status and it’s availability information

Metering status monitoring

Search valid power, invalid power, maximum power consumption and occurrence time of maximum power consumption for regular inspection by consumer and current inspection status

Search valid power amount by consumer, ground invalid power amount, capacitive invalid power amount, ground power factor, capacitive power factor, power consumption, etc.

Search 5-minute LP inspection status (success or failure of inspection)

Search blackout information (general blackout, distribution fault) from measuring meter

Search events (voltage phase sequence, current phase sequence, faulty line, backfeed, memory fault, etc.) from measuring meter

Search inspection information (voltage, current, power factor, phase difference, THD, frequency and upper limit, etc.) of measuring meter

Modem NMS

Search modem information and provide modem setting function

Using GIS, see in a glance the communication sensitivity and modem status

Search communication/packet error, number of resending and failure, failure time/available time, etc.

Firmware image registration, modification and deletion

Register FW update information and view update status

Measuring meter setting

Meter’s push list setup function

Configured push item setting update management screen

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From 09:00 ~ 18:00 on weekdays

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