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AMI (LTE) Modem

High speed remote reading modem collects reading data from maternal machine and subsidiary machine interfaces and transmits the collected data to the upper system of ADCS via LTE network.

Major specifications

Main Process Part

High – Performance 32bit ARM®- based Cortex® - M4 Core

Maximum operating speed of 120MHz

Internal 1MB of Flash and 128KB of SRAM

Power Part

Input : AC85 ~ 264V, 50/60Hz

Maximum Power : 10 Watts

Battery(Lithium Ion Rechargeable) : Capacity (330mAh), Temperature Range(-40 to +85 °C)

LTE Module

Frequency : 1800 MHz (Band 3), 850 MHz (Band 5)

Maximum Output Power : 23dBm

Minimum Sensitivity Level : < -96.3 dBm

Interface : USART

External Interface Part

Debug Interface : RS232( TXD,RXD,GND), Baud rate 115200bps

Maternal machine interface: RS422, 4000-Vpeak Isolation, RJ45 Connector

Subsidiary machine interface: RS485, 4000-Vpeak Isolation, RJ11 Connector


Power: Main power (ON/OFF)

SI1: Transmit/receive maternal machine interface data (flash)

SI2: Transmit/receive subsidiary machine interface data (Flash)

Status LTE: Status of LTE interface (ON, flash, OFF)

Status CPU: Status of CPU (ON, flash, OFF)

Watchdog function

Environmental variable setting function: Server setting, debug port setting

Time setting: LTE network setting, server setting, debug port setting

System reset: Reset by server (S/W, H/W), reset by push button

Power monitoring function: Monitor main power ON/OFF state and transmit status information

Maternal machine interface: Transmit push data

Subsidiary machine interface: Collect and transmit measuring meter information, collect and transmit data from push setup

Bypass mode: Provide bypass function between meters

FW update function: Update from server, update by debug port

Customer center tel : +82-55-326-9001 fax : +82-55-326-9004
From 09:00 ~ 18:00 on weekdays

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