Company Introduction

CEO Greetings

Through mutual confidence and growth, we are practicing the management of sharing and co-existence, and as a corporate citizen, we are pioneering to faithfully conduct social responsibilities.

Since establishment in 1988, Namjun Co., Ltd. has not stopped developing the essential key technology for all electronic Watt-Hour Meters from materials and parts to completed goods, and the ‘challenge and innovation’ to provide the world best quality products and services to customers. We can proudly say that the challenge and growth of Namjun Co., Ltd. in the last 30 years have been the backbone of the ‘development history of power industry in Korea’.


Namjun Co., Ltd. is preparing for the future while endlessly challenging itself to new technologies. In the fierce competition structure and the flow of uncertain change in domestic and overseas, we have settled down as the company with the highest technology and competitiveness in the business area of electronic Watt-Hour Meter while holding fast to the quality first principle with the firm manufacturing basis. In the process of long preparation for the diversification of business while answering the global flow as well as national policy, we are now challenging ourselves to new business that engrafts the smart grid, IoT, the eco-friendly energy service with the big data analysis and the improvement business in living and culture with the infrastructure. We shall approach to customers with faith, passion, basic, and principle while believing that ‘status quo is regression’.


As all companies do, we have challenged ourselves to new technology development from hardware to software and communication by repeating difficulties and pains of endless research and development to shape the product in the imagination.


The progressive footsteps of Namjun Co., Ltd. will become reality.


Thank you.

C.E.O of Namjun Co., Ltd.

Nan-Kweon Jung

Customer center tel : +82-55-326-9001 fax : +82-55-326-9004
From 09:00 ~ 18:00 on weekdays

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