Company Introduction

Company History

Namjun Co., Ltd. has accomplished many developments since the establishment in 1988.

2015 Mar 2015 Exemplary tax payer award
2014 Oct Conducted S-type high voltage smart meter and meter reading data collection system development task (with Korea Electric Power Research Institute)
Sep Supplied 220,000 units of G-type power meter (three phase) to KEPCO
2013 Dec Supplied 600,000 units of low voltage standard meter (three phase) to KEPCO
2011 Nov Presidential award in Technology competition of Korea Precision Industry
Jul Successfully localized Revenue Meter for Class 0.2 & 0.5 and acquired type approval
2008 Jul Acquired KS certification for Watt-Hour Meter (Korean Standards Association)
2007 Dec Supplied 400,000 units of Watt-Hour Meter (three phase) to KEPCO
2005 Jan Quality management system *(ISO) certification (Korea Foundation for Quality)
2004 Feb Designated as venture company (new technology company)
2003 Sep Designated as INNO-BIZ company (Small and Medium Enterprise Administration)
May Production of electronic Watt-Hour Meter for power factor management (supplied to KEPCO)
2002 Aug Awarded for industrial Service Medal (Innovative Technology Fair by Small and Medium Enterprises)
2001 Feb Production of electronic Watt-Hour Meter for midnight electric complex (supplied to KEPCO)
2000 Jan Established a R&D Center (Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association)
1999 Jun Designated as prospective venture company for electric power (KEPCO)
Mar Acquired type approval for nine electronic Watt-Hour Meter models (Korean Agency for Technology and Standards of Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
Feb Developed three-phase electronic Watt-Hour Meter (supported task of KEPCO to small and medium enterprises)
1998 Nov Developed electronic Watt-Hour Meter for midnight electricity (supported task of KEPCO to small and medium enterprises)
1988 Jan Foundation of Namjun Co., Ltd.
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