Company Introduction

Introduction of Namjun

Since establishment in 1988, Namjun is endeavoring for perfect quality assurance through technology research center with excellent research personnel, production line capable of small quantity batch production and ISO 9001 quality management system.

Possess diverse and excellent power meter models

Namjun possesses format approvals of up to 76 types including induction type power meter that measures only the simple electricity usage, power factor managing electronic power meter that measures the efficient use of electricity, KEPCO standard type low voltage electronic power meter capable of remote reading (AMI, AMR, OMR) of electricity usage, midnight complex electronic power meter for utilization of surplus electricity during nighttime, G-type low voltage electronic power meter which is a smart meter for knowing electricity usage of user real time, S-type high voltage electronic power meter, and high voltage recording type electronic power meter for high voltage consumer and LTE communication.


Based on power exchange of distribution power new regenerative energy (solar energy and wind energy) and power meter for remote reading of business owner of zone electricity, we are developing and delivering cutting edge products such as economic low voltage electronic power meter required for smart grid, and smart meter capable of communication between electricity supplier and electricity user by metering electricity usage by time range.

Smart grid leader

To improve national energy management ability and energy efficiency, all countries around the world are reviewing or have adopted smart grid, and Korea is also utilizing smart grid to secure stability of power service, maximize energy efficiency, promote utilization and investment in new regenerative energy and promote next generation new growth business.


In line with this domestic and international environment, Namjun is focusing on AMI business by developing smart meter, and data transmission devices (LTE, CDMA modem), power & IT convergence technology (ADCS, NMS, MDMS and EMS) based on AMR system developed from existing manual reading, and is sparing no efforts to invest in smart grid business such as energy storing technology and electric vehicle related areas.

Customer satisfaction service through quality management

In modern society of fierce competition, customer satisfaction through consistent improvement is quality is the key factor of corporate development and growth.


As specific efforts to this, we have acquired ISO 9001 which is an international certification, and is sparing no efforts to establish the optimized quality management system by continuously improving the organization, measuring performance and measuring product quality.


Also, we are endeavoring to improve power meter quality, plan the quality of managing board for optimization of service, communication with employee and customers, material management for realizing optimized products, production management, management of personnel, and establishing the optimized production and working environments, and is continuously conducting R&D activities to develop innovative products and deal with customer needs.


Lastly, we will become Namjun that can provide the best quality products and services by analyzing customer opinions, sales data and market environment changes without settling down with selling products.

Customer center tel : +82-55-326-9001 fax : +82-55-326-9004
From 09:00 ~ 18:00 on weekdays

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