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There are modem for off-site meter reading by using RF and automatic meter reading by using CDMA.

Major hardware and software specifications of OMR modem

Major hardware specifications of OMR modem

+12V Supply (+3.3V Operation)

424MHz (424.7MHz ~ 424.950MHz)

RF Output Power : under 10mW

Coding : Manchester coding

Modulation : FSK (Frequency Shift Keying)

Certificate : KCC-CRM-NJC-OMR424-LNA-R01 (2011/04/14)

Major software specifications of OMR modem

Korean version

Additional functions

Group reading

Repeated reading

Reinforced database downloading function

Data conversion of measuring meter name in Excel sheet

English version

Register measuring meter ID

Select language (Korean/English)



Search reading database

Major hardware specifications and application cases of WCDMA modem

Major hardware specifications of WCDMA modem

Operating power: 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption (power part): Under 10W (Actual, under 3W)

Operating temperature: -20℃ ~ +50℃

Operating humidity: 20% ~ 95%

Communication interface: D-SUB25 Female Connector

Communication specification: RS-232C

Antenna connector: SMA type 50Ω

Frequency range [ CDMA ] : Tx:1920~1980MHz / Rx:2110~2170MHz

Outer case material: aluminum

Outer case size (mm): 145 x 95 x 30mm (width x length x height)

Outer case weight (g) : 310g

Application case

Product composition
Indicated item
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