Smart Grid Business

Integrated Smart Energy Metering

By using GIS, the energy supplying regions are comprehensively managed, and by analyzing energy use through energy monitoring, the prediction of use and reports required for various analyses from this are provided.

System composition


System characteristics

Integrated management of energy supplying regions by using GIS

Provide accurate location information on managed regions by using GIS

Based on collected data from all nodes (meter/modem/customer) installed by each managed complex, the real time/today’s/monthly usage of energy (electricity, water, gas, hot water and calorie) of the overall managed region can be viewed.

Analyze (real time/today’s monthly) usage of energy (electricity, water, gas, heat, and calorie) supplied to each region

View the required level of energy (electricity, water, gas, heat, and calorie) by time in each region


Can view (real time, today’s, monthly) usage of energy (electricity, water, gas, heat and calorie) of the interested complex and compare with the previous time, day or month.

Comparison of energy usage by group (Compares by building number, Determines buildings with the maximum and the minimum usage)

Calculate CO2 mission from energy usage

Weather information – provides temperature and humidity infromation

Error information (communication error list etc)

Various information is provided in widget form, Can store in dashboard by user

Energy Monitoring (by group, individual search)

Energy usage, CO2 emission and maximum and minimum usage by period or month

Search the minimum and maximum usage of energy by period or month and provide chart of current level of energy usage

Providing average, CO2 emission, temperature chart of comparison target in accordance with energy usage

Monitoring real time metering status (normal inspection, error information, cumulated usage)


Automatically create analysis report from energy usage by week, month, year or energy

Automatically create report on integrated metering by week, month, year or energy (for submission to billing company)

Provide individual report for an occasional metering

Provide various management function

Management function for complex: registration of Complex information, modification or deletion

Device management function : Register, modify or delete each energy meter such as DCU or TCU

Customer management: Registration, modification or deletion of the customer information and devices mapping

User management function: Grant authorization to each manage function, monitoring, printing, saving, etc.

Login History function: Provide login information of user

My Information: Provide my information and authorization management function

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