Smart Grid Meter

Model Name:NJ34-105-OWP

Model Name:NJ34-105-OWP

Model Name:NJ34-105-OWP



Model Name NJ34-105-OWP
Service Type 3P3W or 3P4W
Voltage Free Voltage(50V~132V)
Current 5(6)A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Accuracy 0.2 , 0.5(Two-Type)
Meter Constant 100,000pulse/kWh
Manual Manual



Measured Qantity : Active Energy, Reactive Energy, Maximum Demand and Power Factor

Load Profile : Provide LP-1 & LP-2 to record Energy and instantaneous values, LP-1(Max. 75 days, 16-channel) and LP-2(Max. 35 days, 32-channel)

Self-Diagnosis : Memory error, Power failure, reverse flow, magnetic force, over current detection and theft protection

Instrumentation : instantaneous Voltage/Current THD for the energy quality,average/minimum/maximum measured instantaneous values, SAG/SWELL

Billing Data : Bi-directional, 4-quadrants and per-phase metering & TOU Metering (Max. 8-tariffs), CPP/OPP RTP Metering

Backup Power : Battery & Super cap for meter backup supply
Event & Alarm : Event log and Alram sending

Communication : provide detachable communication interface(LTE Modem, RS232, RS485)
Security : AES-GCM-128 Encryption/Decryption

S/W upgrade : Remote or local software upgrade(OIML D.31)

Customer center tel : +82-55-326-9001 fax : +82-55-326-9004
From 09:00 ~ 18:00 on weekdays

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